Bokey Orda district is located in the West Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan. Administrative centre is Saykhin.

The district called Urdinskiy. On the 10th of March in 2000 by Kazakhstan President`s decree Urdinskiy district was renamed the Bokey Orda.

The district got the  title  from Bokeevskaya (Inside) Orda, which was being here before the abolishing.

There are populated places-Bisen,Burli,Uyaly,Muratsay,Urda,Saralzhin,Kokterek etc.

As of February 2009 the population of the district made up 17 947.

Since 1801 khan`s rates have been in Urda village also have kept their states, exchequers and another buildings. Pine forests which  planted by Khan Bokey raise near Urda.