Akim of BokeyOrda district is Rakhimzhanov Nurlan Sagyntayevich.

Nurlan Sagyntayevich was born in 1963. Higher education was obtained in the West Kazakhstan Institute of Agriculture, what he graduated in 1986 by speciality engineer-mechanic, and  in the "Eurasia" Institute, 2010.

He started his career in 1981 working in the farm "Chapaevskiy".

From 1986 till 1990 he worked as a mechanic-controller in the farm

From 1990 till 1993 – engineer in the  farm ``Chapaevskiy``

From 1993 till 1997 Nurlan Sagyntaeyvich was a chief engineer of kolkhoz ``Rodnik Novyi``

From 1997 till 1998 – director of  LLP ``Ak Bulak``

In 1999 he  was a director of  LLP ``Sana``

From 1999 till 2002 – Akim of Shagatay rural area of Terekti district

From 2002 till 2008-chief  of  agriculture`s department of Akzhaiyk  district

From 2008 till 2013-deputy Akim in Akzhaiyk district

From the 28th of June, 2013 Akim of Bokey Orda district.


Mulkaevich Rustem Zulkashev - Deputy Akim of  Bokey Orda district

Telmanovna Larisa Kayrgaliyeva -Deputy Akim of  Bokey Orda district

Zheksenovich Erzhan Aytkaliyev -Head of the district administration